RedX Web Design company established in 1999, exists to create remarkable website design, provide SEO services, web hosting, and video production to market client products and services. Our creative vision for merging design with functionality and web-based software such as WordPress is our flagship. We design websites for various industries and collaborate with professionals to produce multi-functional web sites. Our passion as web designers drive our desire to be a leader in designing portfolio style websites for companies in Lancaster, York, & Harrisburg, PA.

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  • Amy Haldeman
    Founder & Pittsburgh Director
    Incredible job
    "I hired Jason to create a website for my company in 2010. He did a wonderful job implementing ideas I had and answering ALL of my questions. As my company grew, he did an incredible job redesigning my company's website in 2012. I receive compliments about my website from my clients on a regular basis. I can always count on Jason to have strong integrity in his work. On the rare occasion that I have had any problems with my website or email, he has responded and fixed any concerns within minutes. I highly recommend Jason and RedX Web Design!"
  • Brad Clark
    Rock Star Quality
    "Jason and Red X have been a perfect fit for me and my businesses as I have been a long time client. To not bore all with the mundane, I will say Jason’s work is of Rock Star quality."
  • Joel Buch
    Highly rated
    "Jason and I have a truly unique relationship. When I began looking into web design and marketing, this area was not well developed. My path crossed Jason's in 2007 and we began to work together to begin to brand, establish a logo, and presence on the web. Well the proof is in the pudding is a highly rated site, a true resource to my clients and potential customers. Jason and RedX Web Design are going places...jump on boartd and enjoy the ride!!!"
  • David Sandman
    Communications Director
    Outstanding service
    "Jason’s vision, creativity, attention to detail and outstanding customer service produced a top-shelf web site that our veterans organization is proud to call our online home. He met and exceeded our expectations, delivering concepts and the final site on time and on budget. Our goal was to generate the best VFW Department web site in the nation and we are confident that there’s none better. We thank him for his military service, and for providing the professionalism, skill set, and dedication."
  • Joel Menchey
    Owner / CEO
    Great work
    "Coming soon"